What is CBT?

CBT is a cannabichromene (CBC) derivative.  Interestingly enough, Cannabicitran is also present in many other plants and herbs. For example, one of the studies has identified it even in the flowering plant Rhododendron anthopogonoides.

Cannabicitran (CBT) appears to share many traits with cannabidiol (CBD). Both the cannabinoids are non-psychotic. They have relaxing and pain-reducing effects. In addition, both are quite safe for humans and are non-addictive.

However, unlike CBD, it appears that CBT is better for reducing intraocular pressure and thus more beneficial for managing glaucoma. In addition, it is not clear if it can also help with other eyesight problems.

However, unlike CBD, CBT is much less popular and poorly studied by science. It means that it may have many other health benefits, and future studies will shed more light on them.