Cannabidiol (CBD) soft gels are oral soft gels that conveniently deliver CBD to the body through the digestive system.

CBD soft gels allow a person to take a specific dose of CBD oil, in an easy-to-swallow soft gel. Individuals may prefer this delivery method due to its convenience, lack of taste, and accurate dosage.

Wachter Wellness Co. “Daily Dose” has a total of 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD per container, making Our “Daily Dose” have a precise about of 33mg per soft gel. If only taking 1 Daily, you would have a MONTH of Natrual Wellness. 🌱

We do have other cannabinoid soft gel options as well. Try our own CBN “Sleep Tight, Goodnight”, or CBG “Flow and Flourish,” or maybe our CBC “Pain Punch.”

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