A great wellness provider is one who takes the time to recommend other services and supplements that will positively impact your health. Wachter Wellness Co. builds the expectation that creating wellness habits beyond your CBD regimen will lead you to discover the wealth of wellness!

Free Consultations

Wachter Wellness Co. understands the importance of informed consent and having a strong foundational knowledge of the supplements you take. A FREE 30-minute consultation is provided to all interested parties (persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent). Specific health concerns can be discussed in conjunction with a Wachter Wellness Co. product recommendation and dosage instructions. Our owners are looking forward to speaking with you! Consultations are usually 15 minutes.


Wachter Wellness Co. is proud to provide plant education to all. Individuals, organizations, and non-profits are welcomed to schedule Wachter Wellness Co. to provide an informative workshop about the benefits of CBD and to answer questions. Standard workshops are usually 30 minutes.


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The wealth of wellness extends beyond CBD and integrating more wellness choices can create a wealth of wonder in your life! We are excited to offer a range of wellness services and wellness programs to compliment your CBD regimen.