God’s Will for Gabrielle

My journey started as a rainbow baby born after a brother who was lost to SIDS. My mother recalls the labor pains feeling quite different than her previous 5 pregnancies, and she would later find that her placenta was tearing from her uterine wall. As I entered the world through her womb, I went Code Blue. I had multiple seizures and remained confined in an oxygen tank. But after 7 days, and the selection of my name, the seizures ended and by miracle, I was healthy and perfect.

My name is Gabrielle Alissa, and this is God’s Will for Gabrielle. Gabrielle means God is my Strength, and Alissa means Joy. I am an Oracle Medium. You may be wondering, what exactly does this mean? “An Oracle is a person who often channels without knowing they are channeling. They tell you what you need to know and help you how the Divine believes you need help, all in unconventional ways. They are a spiritual guide who takes you on a journey, and you may not even realize it.” – Ingrid Karazincir . Basically, getting a reading with me will sound a lot like unsolicited advice.

I knew things that I did not understand when I was a child. I was 3 or 4 years old when I was certain of the presence of my guardian angel, whom I disguised as my imaginary friend. I was fond of making mud pies and mixing potions. And by the time I was 7, I lost connection with the divine and my feminine side. My life was advertently filled with lifetimes of traumas and pains up until the age of 28, when I would find the will to get to know God again.


When a child is perceived to have gifts, it can be difficult for the family to accept them. And when a person is filled with so much divine light, things that live in the dark can invisibly latch onto the energetic body. That is why knowing and understanding how to work with us and our children is important. One of my goals as a Children’s yoga instructor is to be a guide and facilitator to help children embrace their individuality and unique talents and to harness their energy in positive pathways. Anything we as adults see, feel, or think, children can do the same, and sometimes more.

From my preteens through adulthood, I lived with a broken moral compass, fighting my intuition with every decision I made. In 2014, I discovered yoga as a means of self-care during pregnancy and postpartum. The process of creating and birthing life is extremely taxing and should be more supported. In 2017, I encountered my husband, Ronnie, who would be the direct catalyst for rediscovering my gifts and healing. Sexual intercourse activated my kundalini, and the awakening resulted in experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral travel.

In 2018, I connected as a Rootworker, learning my ancestral strengths, conjuring spells, working with herbs, and paying attention to the moon. I studied crystals, pendulums, and other divination tools before syncing effortlessly with oracle cards.

2019 my awakening led me to reiki certification and vaginal steaming facilitation. And on 12.12.2020, I became Mrs. Wachter and we started Wachter Wellness Co.


I was called to continue researching where my intuitive process was taking me. I researched empaths, intuitive, and mediums. I was shocked to recognize that I had gifts in all areas. Similarly, I could relate when I realized I was “Clair-everything”. I could see the messages, hear them, feel them, and sometimes smell and taste them.

In 2021, I had more questions about religious institutions and structures. I had a “come-to-Jesus” moment, but not like many others. I was distraught over the idea of separating groups of humanity based on theological ideologies. I understood that I, as an Oracle Medium, was among a Higher Council of Light. I guide others with the intention of understanding that all religious beings work together for the divine order of the world. God never intended for us to divide, and if we keep true unity in mind, then our consciousness can lead us further into knowing the divine.

In 2022, I tried to turn my gifts off. I tried to resort to living a “normal life,” but the more I denied the calling, the further astray I seemed to go from my goals. From June 2022 to March 2023, I completely lost sight of myself.

This spring season in 2023, I have begun to see the depths of my destiny. As I entered this new calendar year, I asked to know my purpose, and God has granted that to me. It is his will for me to share Ancient Oracle knowledge and be a divine vessel for humanity.

I am constantly in contact with the spirit. As mentioned before, I usually channel through oracle readings and chakra energy scans. Speaking with spirit for me is a “roundtable” discussion with 2 or 3 council members (or spirits) present. My council of light can consist of Jesus, Mary, Buddha, any of the Saints, and Archangels.

I am known to read about medical issues, career and life paths, family, and love. I also channel ancient oracle wisdom, which carries lifetimes of history and Akashic record knowledge.

Discover the Wealth of Wellness with me and experience what God has willed for me.