About Our Company

Wachter Wellness Co. operates with a common goal to give back and encourage our community to live a healthy and happy life.

Mr. Wachter specializes in CBD & Cannabis education, while Mrs. Wachter specializes in holistic treatments. The dynamic duo is a pair that will be sure to set your sights on brighter days and a clear path to discovering the wealth of Wellness.

Our #1 priority is to fix your problem, to execute safely and timely, and to achieve lasting healthy results. Wachter Wellness Co. is committed to providing you with expertise in the healthcare and wellness arena, which requires an open and logical connection to your individual needs. 

The strategy is a three-part solution: 

  • CBD product recommendation, dosage directions, and a friendly follow-up (for maximum safety and benefits)
  • Body Therapy such as yoga, ayurveda, or food changes
  • Energy Therapy such as reiki and meditation

Flourish Farm

Flourish Farm at Wachter Wellness Co. is an urban farm community, event, and retreat space.

The mission of Flourish Farm is to provide accessible, affordable, farm-fresh, local produce to the Frederick County communities. Flourish Farm also empowers the Frederick County communities in agricultural awareness and activism. 

Food and herbs as medicine, body movement, and connection to nature are values that Flourish Farm lives by. 

About Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturer is a 2022 Vet100 company as recognized by Inc. 5000. They have also been featured in GMA, BuzzFeed, Better Homes and Gardens, MilitaryTimes, Forbes, and the New York Times. Our manufacturer is not just another CBD brand. They are a cGMP lab, which means they produce the highes quality CBD at the best value on the market.


By 2019, Ronnie and Gabrielle were fully healed and continued researching CBD. The couple traveled to Boulder, Colorado, toured a facility, and witnessed the hemp oil extraction process, lab tests, and package assembly line. The owners of Wachter Wellness Co. walked away with samples and memorable moments of hospitality with the team. This established the partnership with Extract Labs, Inc., becoming the manufacturer for Wachter Wellness Co. CBD.