About the wachters

Wachter Wellness Co. was created with a common goal to give back to the community, and encourage our community to live a healthy and happy life.

Mr. Wachter specializes in CBD & Cannabis education, while Mrs. Wachter specializes in holistic treatments. The dynamic duo are a pair that will be sure to set your sights on brighter days and a clear path to discovering the wealth of Wellness.

“We believe because we have seen the great benefits of the services and products we provide. We believe in YOU, and if you believe, you can achieve Wellness with the Wachter’s.

We want our visitors to be empowered to take their health into their own hands. We want them to be open to learning about plant medicine, and excited to find a Wachter Wellness Co. product that can provide them with relief.”


What is Different About Wachter Wellness Co.?

Our #1 priority is to fix your problem, to execute safely and timely, and to achieve lasting healthy results. Wachter Wellness Co. is committed to providing you with expertise in the healthcare and wellness arena, which requires an open and logical connection to the needs of you individually. The strategy is a two-part solution: product recommendation, and dosage suggestions for maximum safety and benefits.

About Our Company

In 2019, Ronnie suffered a severe shoulder injury that resulted in surgery and a tough recovery. Ronnie stands strong in avoiding prescription and over-the-counter medications; one day while attending a business event for his previous company, Games to go Maryland, Ronnie was introduced to CBD by an attending vendor. Ronnie and Gabrielle then researched and traveled to Boulder, Colorado, to explore a Hemp company facility and witness the hemp oil extraction process, lab tests, and package assembly line. The owners of Wachter Wellness Co. walked away with samples and memorable moments of hospitality with the team that would ultimately become Wachter Wellness Co.’s primary manufacturer. And in 2020, a dream with a distinct purpose was established.

In the growing CBD industry, Wachter Wellness Co. takes a bold and innovative approach to connecting the community to the life-changing benefits of CBD. Wachter Wellness Co. promises to supply the “tried and true” and only the products that are good for YOU!


About Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturer is a 2022 Vet100 company as recognized by Inc. 5000. They have also been featured in GMA, BuzzFeed, Better Homes and Gardens, MilitaryTimes, Forbes, and the New York Times. What is most important to us about them is that they value community and give other small businesses like Wachter Wellness Co. a chance to thrive independently in a profitable industry.

“Your logo is fire! Branding is the first impression of any business and you all have a professional, bold and progressive brand – congratulations.” 

Helen Propheter

Director of Corporate and Government Relations, Hood College